Reuters has reported that Abu Dhabi’s peak power production will exceed 10 GW for the first time next year, buoyed by its ambitious energy projects and exports to the northern emirates.

Keith Miller, Director of Planning and Studies at Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company (ADWEC) said: “Abu Dhabi’s electricity demand growth is among the fastest growing in the world, even faster than China in percentage terms.”

The emirate’s peak demand in 2011 was 9800 MW, up 14 per cent over last year, he said. Eight independent water and power projects supply Abu Dhabi.

Power demand in the Middle East has been rising with population growth and strong economic activity. Demand usually peaks in summer, when temperatures soar.

“Electricity production is linked not just to Abu Dhabi, but also to the northern emirates’ economic activity,” said Miller. “Abu Dhabi began exporting power to Bahrain in 2011.”

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