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SSE to suspend over 1400 MW of gas-fired power generation

The operation of Scottish and Southern Energy’s (SSE)à‚ electricity generation portfolio is founded on a series of principles, including diversity to avoid over-dependency on particular fuels or technologies and flexibility to ensure that changes in the supply of and demand for electricity can be managed.

Against this background, and following a sustained period of low ‘spark’ spreads, SSE has decided to undertake a comprehensive program of maintenance to support more flexible operations at its Keadby (720 MW) and Medway (688 MW) gas-fired power stations from 2013 onwards.

It will therefore suspend electricity generation at the stations, with effect from March 26, 2012. There will be no loss of jobs as a result of this decision.

SSE is considering whether changes in the way in which the stations operate should be recognized through an impairment in their book value, which would be recognized in its financial statements for the year to March 31, 2012. Any impairment would be treated as a non-cash exceptional item.

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