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SoCalGas invests in CHP provider Tecogen

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) has made a US$500,000 equity investment in Tecogen, a developer and manufacturer of CHP products for commercial and industrial facilities, including natural gas engine-driven cogeneration and air conditioning systems.

According to officials, Tecogen has recently made significant advances in emission reduction technology that have strategic importance in regions that are particularly sensitive to toxic air-born pollution.

This technology has particular importance in Southern California where the latest emissions requirements have been lowered to unprecedented levels, while becoming sufficiently strict to preclude permitting all conventionally powered combined heat and power products.

The SoCalGas investment will be used by Tecogen to bring the technology to market worldwide, said Tecogen president Robert Panora.

“California emissions standards are the toughest in the United States and natural gas plays a vital role in California’s sustainable and low-emission energy future. Tecogen has made a scientific breakthrough that is now making it possible to produce products that deliver unprecedentedly low levels of pollutants.”

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