SNC-Lavalin has been appointed by the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute to develop a generic business case to advance carbon capture and storage in Britain.

The project will see SNC-Lavalin develop an outline scheme and a ‘template’ high efficiency combined-cycle gas plant, identify potential sites for the project and build a credible cost base.

SNC-Lavalin will be supported by engineering firm AECOM and the University of Sheffield on the nine-month project.  

The Energy Technologies Institute believes that CCS is “one of the most cost effective technologies to help the UK meet its 2050 CO2 reduction targets”.

Last month saw the publication of a Parliamentary Advisory Group on CCS report, chaired by Lord Oxburgh, who wrote in the study: “I have been surprised myself at the absolutely central role which CCS has to play across the UK economy if we are to deliver the emissions reductions to which we are committed at the lowest possible cost to the UK consumer and taxpayer.”

Alan McLean, executive vice-president of FEED & Engineering at SNC-Lavalin, said: “We are delighted with this contract award from the ETI, which enables us to leverage our CCGT and CCS experience from around the globe. With the recent release of the Lord Oxburgh report on CCS, this study will be a catalyst, to both promote further discussion and present real options to address the low carbon economy in the UK.”

Lord Oxburgh said: “This is exactly the kind of initiative that is needed, integration of carbon capture within the initial power plant design has to be the way forward and will certainly lead to reduction in the costs of CCS.” 


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