Significant water savings from GE technology at Russian gas-fired power plant

General Electric’s AZ8101 corrosion inhibitor technology is helping a gas plant in the Russian Volga region save 1.3 million gallons of water annually as well as reduce water consumption enough to save $120,000.

The gas-fired power plant, TEC VAZ VoTGK, located in the Samara area of the Volga region of Russia, also decreased the rate of copper corrosion by 20 times and reduced the amount of copper being discharged into the Volga River by four times.
General Electric
“Our operational costs had been rising and we were being charged a penalty for discharging water with a high copper concentration. GE’s AZ8101 corrosion inhibitor allowed us to save $120,000 a year in cooling costs and to experience a 20-fold reduction in admiralty brass corrosion rates. Now our Volga power plant’s cooling systems run more smoothly,” Vadim Nikolaev, director and chief engineer at the plant told the Environmental Leader website.

The facility provides power, heating and hot water to the Volga automotive plant and a nearby city. The power plant consists of 14 boilers and 11 turbines, surface condensers made from admiralty brass and two open evaporative cooling systems provide the cooling to the steam condensers and auxiliary equipment.

The makeup water for both cooling systems is raw water taken directly from the Volga River, and blowdown from the cooling systems is discharged back to the river.

Last month GE announced that a natural gas development platform in the Gulf of Thailand has saved $52 million per year and significantly reduced water usage and chemical consumption with help from GE’s advanced cooling and chemical treatment technology.

Water crises took the top spot in the World Economic Forum’s 10th global risk report, an annual survey of nearly 900 leaders in politics, business, and civic life about the world’s most critical issues.

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