SGT-800 gas turbines

Siemens Energy has been awarded a contract by utility PGE GiEK to build a turnkey cogeneration plant in western Poland.

The Gorzow plant in Gorzów Wielkopolski will have an electric capacity of 138 MW, a thermal capacity of 90 MW and an efficiency rating of 84 per cent.

The order value for Siemens (NYSE: SI), including a long-term service agreement for the main components, is about EUR $215m and commissioning is planned for early 2016.

SGT-800 gas turbines
As part of the agreement, Siemens will deliver two SGT-800 gas turbines, one SST-400 steam turbine, three 11 kilovolt (kV) generators and two heat recovery steam generators. The deal also includes a long-term 12 years maintenance agreement for the gas turbines. The Gorzów plant will be fired with nitrogen-rich natural gas from gas reserves located in western Poland. This type of gas has a lower calorific value than conventional natural gas.

“We chose the Siemens solution because their plant offers a very high efficiency, so that it can generate electricity at a very affordable cost,” said Jacek Kaczorowski, CEO of PGE GiEK. “The district heating makes the plant even more economical. Furthermore, we can use our local natural gas reserves to fire the turbines.”

Compared to the old coal-fired power plant the facility is replacing, the new plant will produce 95 per cent less sulphur dioxide emissions, more than 30 per cent less nitrogen dioxide emissions and more than 95 per cent less particulate emissions.

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