Quebec set to pump green gas into grid from landfill site

Quebec set to pump green gas into grid from landfill site
Waga Energy's WAGABOX technology.

French company Waga Energy is to convert landfill gas to biomethane at the Saint-àƒâ€°tienne-des-Gràƒ¨s landfill site in Quebec, Canada.

The green gas produced will be bought by àƒâ€°nergir, the largest gas distribution company in the province, and injected into its gas grid onsite.

This project will be the first in Canada to use Waga Energy’s WAGABOX technology, developed to recover landfill gas in the form of biomethane.

Under a deal signed in March, Waga Energy will buy the landfill gas from The Mauricie Residual Materials Management Board and transform it into grid-compliant biomethane using a gas treatment unit built onsite. Until now, the landfill gas at the site was captured and burned in a flare.

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The WAGABOX unit in Saint-àƒâ€°tienne-des-Gràƒ¨s is designed to process 3400 cubic meters of biogas per hour. It will be built in Shawinigan in Quebec, apart from a cryogenic distillation module which will be imported from France. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2022.

Michel Angers, President of Mauricie Residual Materials Management Board, said that once the system is operational, “treating our gas is no longer an expense, it is a new income stream, and more importantly, it is yet another step towards a more sustainable approach to landfill management”.

Renault Lortie of àƒâ€°nergir said the “development of the green gas industry in Quebec is one of the cornerstones of our efforts to decarbonize our economy. àƒâ€°nergir aims to inject an ever-increasing amount of renewable gas into its network, corresponding to a volume of at least 10% that of the annual volume it distributes by 2030.”

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