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Pyxis and Generac partner up on consumer grid independence goal

Pyxis Energy has partnered with Generac Power Systems to bring environmentally friendly, automated generator solutions to homes and businesses. The company has launched their new product Alternative Market Power or AMP, a reliability service that aims to keep their customers’ energy grid independent.

The technology aims to protect business and household consumers from utility infrastructure problems.
Generac backup power generation equipment
“With AMP, our customers are protected from power outages 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Del Hilber, Founder and Managing Partner of Pyxis Energy. “Better still, homeowners and small businesses can have the reliability of a Generac generator for little to no up-front cost, no hassle, and no maintenance responsibilities.”

AMP customers pay a low monthly reliability fee for an electric and gas broker relationship with Pyxis Energy. AMP generators are environmentally friendly and EPA-certified for non-emergency use due to advancements in engine technology. The generators, fuelled by natural gas or liquid propane, can run without restriction, and will start automatically to provide back-up power during power outages. Occasionally, Pyxis will remotely dispatch the generator to protect against electrical grid instability or to offset extreme market conditions.

Pyxis retains ownership of generator and associated micro-grid hardware for the term of the customer agreement. AMP generators are engineered and built in the USA and installed by locally owned and licensed Generac dealers. Generators are monitored in real-time, and should any issue occur, a local Generac dealer is dispatched. All generators are maintained and serviced according to Generac guidelines or better, which maximizes the useful life of the hardware and its availability.