Pizzoli SpA, a leading Italian potato processor, has chosen cogeneration specialist AB for its new gas-fired CHP plant in Budrio, Bologna.

The production of electricity and thermal energy is very important in dealing with food processing problems, according to the company.

“The development of a streamlining plan that involves production units and has in cogeneration the main technology to meet corporate expectations, falls into this “green economy” philosophy.

The ECOMAX 20 HE plant is fuelled by natural gas and is a modular solution in containers, with a rated output at full load of 2,004 kWe, with cogenerated thermal power equal to 1,893 kW, referred to an introduced thermal power of 4,604.

The new plant produces electricity which is used to meet the facilities’ energy needs and the co-generated thermal energy is used for technological uses through the production of hot water (about 90°C) and steam (about 16 barg).

In operation since last year it has already experienced a saving of about 2,000 tonnes of CO2 emitted per year.