Peterhead gas-fired power plant returns to action

Peterhead power plant, which experienced start-up issues last week

The Peterhead gas-fired power plant near Aberdeen, Scotland has returned to service following the completion of upgrade work, operator SSE said on Thursday.Peterhead

The plant is now able to operate at loads between 240 and 400 MW.

The plant has a contract under National Grid’s Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) to supply back-up capacity to make sure the lights stay on over periods of high demand during the winter of 2015/16.

“This is another important development for Peterhead power station, allowing it to meet the needs of the current market,” said Paul Smith, SSE managing director for generation.

Britain’s power grid has had to take measures to ensure supply as the country faces dwindling electricity capacity partly due to ageing plants going offline.

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