On-site renewables to power Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory, which will manufacture lithium-ion batteries for use in the firm’s electric vehicles, is to be an off-grid facility powered by on-site solar and wind, the company has said.

The Gigafactory, which measures 10 million square feet, is currently under construction in the US state of Nevada and, once completed, will be one of the world’s largest buildings.

In addition to a previously planned rooftop solar array, Tesla now plans to install a wind power plant at the site.

The company is aiming for a net-zero facility. In November Tesla’s Chief Technical Officer, JB Straubel, said that in addition to solar power, ‘There’s a heat pump technology that actually ends up way more efficient than just burning natural gas for steam. And then, we have a facility that has basically no emissions.’

Straubel said the company had made ‘kind of a radical move in the beginning and said we are not going to burn any fossil fuels in the factory,’ which led to a decision not to build a gas pipeline to the building.



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