Two steel production factories in northern Spain that utilize various waste gases from their production processes in Jenbacher engines from GE Energy, have hit production milestones.

In Bilbao, a coke oven gas plant installed at a factory operated by Productos de Fundición S.A. (Profusa) recently achieved a significant milestone of one million operating hours.
Profusa’s break-through waste-gas-to-energy plant, which features a dozen Jenbacher JGS 316 GS-S/N.L generator sets, produces an estimated average of about 6 MWe in total, depending on the fuel composition.

A second plant, at the Arcelor Mittal steel factory in Avilés, recently reached the 20,000 operating hours mark.

This plant features a dozen Jenbacher JMS 620 GS-S/N.LC engines powering a cogeneration system that utilizes a different type of steel production processes’ waste gas called LD-converter gas.

The power plant is owned and operated by Sidergás Energia S.A., part of the HC ENERGÍA’s cogeneration and special generation division and the EDP group’s company operating in the Spanish region.

GE’s gas engines were chosen due to their ability to burn the toxic and residual LD-converter gas both safely and efficiently, the company says.

The low-calorific value LD-converter gas, which is mainly carbon monoxide, is created during the Linz Donawitz steel manufacturing process that converts pig iron to steel. This gas is used to generate 1.7 MWe per engine.