GE to upgrade 6000MW of Iraqi generation capacity

TotalEnergies signs $10bn solar and gas agreement with Iraq
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GE Gas Power has signed a $500 million contract to do upgrade, maintenance and service work at several power plants in Iraq.

The overall deal with Baghdad totals $1.2 billion, including a $727 million contract for GE’s Grid Solutions, and covers major transmission upgrade projects. The power generation side of the deal involves more than 6,000MW of capacity.

“GE has a long history in Iraq,” said GE Gas Power CEO, Scott Strazik. “In recent years, we have further accelerated our project execution to scale up and rebuild the country’s electricity infrastructure. As demand increases in tune with a growing population and to support industries and developmental projects, identifying gaps and addressing them is our focal year.”

The deal with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity calls for GE to perform parts, repairs and services for power plants in Basra, Mosul, Baghdad and Karbala, among other cities. These plants supply more than 6,000MW of power capacity, which builds on the 1.575GW of new capacity that GE has added since December 2019 in the nation.

The GE Grid Solutions project will also repair and reinforce Iraq’s transmission network.

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