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ExxonMobil signs landfill gas deal with Infinis

ExxonMobil has signed a five-year lubrication deal with independent UK renewable power generator Infinis.

The pact will see ExxonMobil supply three gas engine oils which have been specifically developed for landfill gas operations: Mobil Pegasus 605, Mobil Pegasus 610 and Mobil Pegasus SR.

ExxonMobil has worked with Infinis for the past 18 years and its Mobil Pegasus SR was originally developed to address lubrication issues in gas engines operating at one of Infinis’ sites in the UK.

Carsten Heck, Europe energy sector manager energy at ExxonMobil, said: “The cornerstone of this long-standing technology partnership is the close link between our ExxonMobil Research and Engineering [EMRE] headquarters in Paulsboro and Infinis’ technology specialists.

“The EMRE experts in our laboratories for fuels and lubricants work closely with global gas engine original equipment manufacturers to ensure our advance performance products are formulated to meet industry requirements.”

Heck added: “Our service team closely monitors the operational needs of Infinis to help maximise the production output of its landfill gas engines by extending oil drain intervals, extending the equipment life span and, therefore, helping to minimise costly repair and unscheduled downtime”.

Duane Longthorn, head of procurement at Infinis, added: “We are pleased to continue our working relationship with ExxonMobil. Over the previous contracts we have achieved considerable production benefits and cost savings due to the extended oil drain intervals and equipment anti-wear protection, even under the most challenging operational conditions”.

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