NYU power plant

New York University (NYU) has announced the completion of its natural gas-fired cogeneration plant. The $125 million plant decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 23 percent while reducing air pollutants by 68 percent compared to its 30-year-old, oil-fired predecessor, according to NYU.

Located beneath a renovated public plaza, the new cogeneration plant approaches 90 percent energy efficiency while producing 13.4à‚ MW of electricity, which is twice the output of the previous system.

The cogeneration upgrade and public plaza installation project took 28 months to complete. The new NYU cogeneration system provides electricity to 22 NYU buildings and will also produce heat and hot and chilled water to 37 buildings on the Washington Square Campus. It is expected to save the university between $5 million and $8 million in energy related costs per year.

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