7 September 2010 – Europe’s Nuon, part of the Vattenfall Group, has decided to invest in a new gas-fired power plant to be built at the company’s existing site in Diemen, The Netherlands. The company will also lay a heat transportation pipeline from Diemen to Almere so that the residual heat can be used to heat homes.

Combining the highest feasible output of the gas-fired plant with large-scale supplying of heat to Amsterdam and Almere will enable an overall efficiency of 85% to be achieved.
The new plant will more than double Nuon’s electricity and heat-generating capacity in Diemen and, via the pipeline, help meet the growing demand for heat in Almere.
The new CHP plant will be built alongside the existing plant in Diemen. It is to be built by Siemens and is designed to achieve a high output efficiency (approximately 59%).
With an electricity generating capacity of 435 MW and heat generation capacity of 260MW, the new plant will be able to supply some 750,000 households with electricity.
The heat produced in Diemen will be used to heat around 25,000 homes in Amsterdam and Almere.
The plant is expected to become operational in late 2012. Until then, growth in demand for heat will be absorbed by the existing power plants in Almere and Diemen, with the modifications needed for this being carried out over the coming period.
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