Canada’s Northland Power plans to build a gas-fired cogeneration plant for Redpath Sugar on its 4.25 hectare industrial site in the heart of Toronto.

The C$100 million (US$103 million) 45 MW facility would generate enough power to supply 36,000 homes with electricity when operating at full capacity, which amounts to about 5% of Toronto Hydro’s 700,000 customers.

Northland would sell the electricity to the grid and Redpath would purchase steam generated by the heat — the by-product of electricity generation — to process its sugar.

Redpath uses about 60,000 kg of steam per hour.

Ontario Power Authority wants to add 500 MW to CHP plants in Ontario and the Redpath Sugar facility may end up with more customers.

Waterfront Toronto, the government agency at the heart of revitalizing the city, is interested in talking to the company about potential power uses for the waterfront community, says Michelle Noble, the agency’s director of communications and marketing.

The city has typically backed cogeneration and has put zoning in place in both waterfront communities to boost its use.

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