New York cogen plant fault takes apartment buildings offline

A gas-fired cogeneration plant that supplies an apartment complex in the New York City borough of Queens went offline this week, stranding some residents in lifts.

The 21 MW plant, which came online in 1963 and operates for 8760 hours per year, has reportedly suffered from three power outages in the last three years.

The plant provides power, heating, air conditioning and hot water for the Rochdale Village co-operative complex (pictured), which includes 5860 residential units, two public schools, a police station, a library and two shopping malls.

The nature of the problem that left residents without power on Wednesday morning was not specified in reports.

According to Rochdale Village Inc’s website, ‘Rochdale Village power plant produces its power independently with no interconnection to any outside utility company making this plant unique among other plants. Our power plant operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week year round. The plant has an operating staff of high pressure boiler engineers, operators, and mechanics. The staff operates and performs preventive maintenance on all plant equipment to assure the plant is safe and reliable throughout the years.’à‚ 

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