New York clean energy body releases incentive programme

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority has just re-issued its incentive programme, aimed at funding the installation of clean and efficient combined heat and power at eligible host sites.
The NYSERDA PON 2568 scheme has a budget of $21m and has the following revisions to qualify eligibility:

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  Host sites must pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their electric utility bill in order to be eligible.à‚  No exceptions.

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  Incentives will decrease over time along a glide path (applications received in a full-and-complete manner prior to the ratchet-down-date will lock-in the more-lucrative incentive rate).

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  Projects consuming fuel directly in the prime mover can be fueled by pipeline natural gas and/or compressed natural gas and/or propane.

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  MicroCHP projects are now eligible; the program no longer imposes a minimum size limit.à‚  The program is currently recruiting vendors of microCHP systems to add to the program’s list of pre-approved systems.

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  Projects 3 MW and smaller can use a streamlined pre-engineered packaged modular approach, and are invited to apply through the end of 2018 or exhaustion of the overall budget, whichever occurs first.

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  Projects larger than 3 MW are invited to apply through the end of 2016 or allocation of a $9 million fraction of the overall budget to such projects, whichever occurs first.

ࢀ¢à‚ à‚  Projects 1 MW and smaller must use a NYSERDA-approved pre-engineered packaged modular approach.à‚  Projects larger than 1 MW can choose either a pre-engineered packaged modular approach (consisting of one module, or several modules ganged-together) or a custom-engineered approach, and the incentive amount and three-lump-sums pay-out style will be identical regardless of approach.


The rest of the detail on the scheme is available at this link:à‚à‚ 
Learn more about the programme: ࢀ¢à‚  NYSERDA webinar:à‚  For audiences consisting of prospective host sites that are novices with regard to CHP, as well as expert CHP practitioners.à‚  Date is Thursday May 26.à‚  Register here

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