GE signs 14 GW power deal in Iraq

GE has signed a deal with the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq to develop up to 14 GW of power.

The 14 GW will come from a mix of new technologies deployed at existing plants to bring approximately 1.5 GW of extra power online by next year, rehabilitation work to secure another 7 GW from current plants, plus upgrades from simple cycle to combined cycle.

GE will also develop substations and overhead lines across the country, and a centralized energy management system covering generation, transmission and distribution.

The deal with the ministry is also expected to create up to 65,000 direct and indirect jobs, support the government to realize savings and recoverable losses of up to $3bn per year, and establish a local technology centre and support water and healthcare access.

Overall, GE said that these activities “will help the government realize savings and recover losses of up to $3bn per year”.

Mussab Almudaris, official spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, said:à‚ “Our focus is on rebuilding Iraq to provide stable, sustainable development for our people, and developing the electricity sector is a critical component of these efforts. GE’s action plan is an ideal fit for our needs, offering a holistic package that brings industry-leading technologies, financing and social services to meet our most critical immediate and long-term needs.”

Russell Stokes, President of GE Powerà‚ said:à‚ “We understand how important it is to deliver power immediately and our holistic action plan brings together advanced solutions, financing, local investments, trainings and social services that are expected to benefit families, businesses and industries across Iraq.”

Russell Stokes (pictured)à‚ will be a keynote speaker at POWERGEN International in Orlando in December, where the latest innovations in gas-fired power will be debated in detail. Click here for details.à‚ 

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