$116bn in planned investments in Latin American power generation

It’s boom time for power generation project development in Latin America, with more than $116bn in project construction starts scheduled for 2012.

This according to an analysis of Industrial Info’s Latin American Industrial Project Database, which features more than 800 projects scheduled to begin construction in 2012. These projects represent more than 77 GW of utility and independent power producer generation capacity.

The top five Latin American countries for planned power generation project starts in 2012 are Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico. These five countries represent 75 per cent of the value of planned power generation project starts in 2012.

Brazil, with 294 projects totaling $43.4bn, leads the region, accounting for about 37 per cent of the value of projects scheduled to begin construction during the year. These projects will add 31 GW to the current 117.5 GW online in Brazil.

During the same period of time, about 48 new power plants accounting for 7.51 GW will begin operations, representing a 6 per cent increase in the country’s total installed capacity.

Thermal power generation stands out in importance for plants that are expected to become operational in 2012.

At present, thermal power generation represents 26% of Brazil’s installed capacity. This will increase 7 per cent, from 30 GW to 32.6 GW. Also, 22 new thermal projects adding a combined capacity of 19 GW will begin construction, requiring a combined investment of about $20bn.

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