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New power from Tanzania gas plants added to grid

Tanzania‘s state utility has added 245 MW of gas-fired power to the national grid, enabled by gas from a new pipeline.

The nation’s hydropower generation has been erratic due to insufficient rainfall, causing chronic power shortages, while its gas power plants have had insufficient fuel supply. The new gas pipeline, which runs from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam, is expected to improve the situation.

A spokesman for the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (Tanesco), Adrian Severin, told newspaper the Guardian that the new gas-fired power is being added in stages. “We expect the country will have reliable power after all the megawatts are added to the national grid,” he said.

Of the total amount added, 70 MW are from the 100 MW Ubungo II plant, 75 MW from the 150 MW Kinyerezi 1 (pictured), and 100 MW from the 120 MW Symbion plant. Severin said an additional 35 MW from Ubungo II and 75 MW from Kinyerezi are expected “soon”.

The 240 MW Kinyerezi II is also under construction.

Former Minister for Energy and Minerals George Simbachawene has said that gas will be a permanent solution to the nation’s power problems as it “guarantees sufficient supply of electricity throughout the year”. à‚