New power and desalination project in Bahrain

GdF Suez Energy International has won a contract to build, own, and operate the Al Dur 1 power generation and reverse osmosis seawater desalination plant in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Al Dur 1, an Independent Power and Water Project is a greenfield, natural gas-fired installation that will deliver 1234 MWe and 218,000 mà‚³ of water/day.

Completion of the Al Dur 1 plant is scheduled for 2011.
GdF Suez and Gulf Investment Corporation (GIC) each hold 50% in the bidding consortium. The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) is the sole off-taker of the plant output as stipulated in the 20-year Power and Water Purchase Agreement.

The Al Dur plant will be located in the south of Bahrain.

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