German engine manufacturer MAN has launched a new small gas engine, the E0834 said to be optimally suited for operation with natural gas and biogas, for CHP plants. The turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine is both small and efficient, says the company, and has an output of 68 kW mechanical at 1500 rpm.

This is the first engine MAN has produced to operate on biogas with an output of less than 100 kW. When powered by natural gas, the engine not only delivers a greater output but at 91.5% also achieves an outstanding degree of efficiency.

The new E0834 is equipped with a turbocharger and 2-stage cooling of the boost mixture. The turbocharger compresses the air-gas mixture that is forced into the cylinders, while the cooler lowers the temperature of the air-gas mixture. Compressing and cooling result in a greater amount of the mixture being ignited in the combustion chamber, says MAN, and the greater energy density results in a greater energy yield.

The scope for the operation of MAN gas engines powered by natural gas is almost limitless, with swimming pools, hotels, office buildings and local heating plants all suitable. Use of the biogas option allows an additional set of agricultural applications.