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New gas-fired CHP plant for Malmàƒ¶

German utility E.ON has opened a state-of-the-art àƒ—resundsverket CHP plant in Malmàƒ¶, Sweden, which has a power-only efficiency of 58% ” making it one of the most efficient power plants in Europe ” and, at full cogeneration, an efficiency as high as 90%.

The flagship project is a technologically-advanced 440 MW gas-fired CHP plant. The plant will produce 3 TWh of electricity for the southern Swedish market per year, and 1 TWh of district heat for Malmàƒ¶, meeting 40% of the city’s heating needs.

The plant’s electricity production will replace older coal-fired generation in the energy system in northern Europe, thereby reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by an estimated one million tonnes per year, says E.ON.

The total investment figure for the project was €300 million.