MAN Engines has announced the forthcoming launch of a new natural gas-fired engine for use in cogeneration applications.

The firm said its 12-cylinder E3262 E302 naturally-aspirated engine (pictured), with an output of 275 kW at 1500 rpm (50 Hz), outperforms the previous model by 10%.

Enlarging the bore to 132 mm has increased cubic capacity to 25.8 litres, MAN said, while optimized combustion and a cylinder head with four-valve technology have helped to increase the engine’s overall efficiency to 93.6%, thermal efficiency to 54% (a 6% improvement on the previous model) and mechanical efficiency to 39.6%, or a 2.4% improvement.   

The company added that, thanks to stoichiometric combustion, a three-way catalytic converter is all that is needed to reduce NOx and CO. ‘Avoiding the use of an selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system has resulted in a highly efficient and, above all, cost-effective exhaust gas aftertreatment system that enables even very low local emissions limits to be met,’ said Hubert Gossner, Head of Power at MAN Engines.

The E3262 E302 achieves a carbon monoxide value of <100 mg/Nm3, MAN said, which is below the limits currently being discussed for the next version of Germany’s Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) rule.

To comply with forthcoming TA Luft standards, MAN said it is using modular exhaust gas aftertreatment on its engines, adding that this offers flexibility for packagers and end customers working with limited installation space.