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MTU launches new brand for gas turbine business

Engine manufacturing specialist, MTU Aero Engines AG has launched a new brand to improve transparency in services for gas turbine customers.

The new brand, launched at Palm Springs, California is called MTU Power and consolidates the existing gas turbine engineering (includingà‚ generators) , manufacturing and aftermarket expertise and services from the business units Aero Solutions, Brush Seals and MTU Maintenance at MTU.

The company stated that the overall aim of the re-branding ‘is to harmonize the extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and creative, never-give-up mentality within the company and bring its services even closer to the customer.’
MTU Power
MTU has wide-ranging capabilities within the industrial gas turbine sector ” from research and development to manufacturing and certification.

The Palm Springs event was sited at the Western Turbine Users (WTUI) conference, the largest General Electric aero-derivative LM series conference in the world. At the WTUI, the focus is on the aftermarket, where MTU with its brand MTU Power is the largest independent provider for flexible and cost-efficient maintenance, repair and overhaul solutions forà‚ GE LM2500, LM5000 and LM6000 turbines and their packages.

MTU Power, previously working as part of MTU Maintenance, has carried out more than 1,300 LM shop visits in its over 36-year history. Of all licensed depots, MTU has under its brand MTU Power the widest range of GE LM sub systems in its portfolio (47) and tests under real load conditions.

The business unit known as Aero Solutions is specialized in development, testing, design optimization and manufacturing of turbines and compressors for original equipment manufacturers. Aero Solutions will also become part of the MTU Power brand.

In addition, MTU has a dedicated, and world-leading brush seals team that has been developing innovative turbomachine seals for over thirty years. The unit will also belong to the range of services offered under the brand MTU Power.à‚