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MTU gensets to power NYC trauma hospital CCHP

Texas-based Stewart & Stevenson Power Products LLC, Atlantic Division has received an order for two MTU 16V4000 natural gas-fired gensets for a new 3 MW combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) plant at a major trauma hospital in New York City. à‚ 

A technical power evaluation of the 448-bed facility was completed last year by New Jersey-based CHP developer Innovative Energy Strategies (IES) to determine the type of technology needed to provide additional reliable power and power quality enhancements to support an approved $70m hospital expansion.

In the wake of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, many critical care facilities in the New York City metro area, and in particular on Staten Island, realized the need for increased power resiliency through an additional layer of energy security in the event of a grid outage. The chronic poor power quality before and after the storm event exposed many weaknesses in the hospital’s power architecture which was severely impacting the performance of critical and sensitive diagnostic equipment.

The proposed installation of two MTU 1534 kW continuous rated gas genset modules based on an N+1 redundant configuration was chosen based on cost per kW, electrical and thermal efficiency, critical uptime performance under site ambient conditions, system controls capability and low cost of O&M.

The CCHP system will provide 1534 kW at 4160 V all year long, and the two generators will be operated in a lead/lag sequence of operation so the availability of a single generator at any point in time will approach 100 per cent. A total installed capacity of 3068 kW will be available to support peak hospital loads.

The exhaust gas from the engines will drive two 750-tonne absorption chillers through two exhaust gas heat recovery units. The electrical power will re-feed the hospital campus electrical distribution system and will provide grid backup mode of operation if the utility goes down.

Stewart & Stevenson partnered with IES to provide a detailed technical specification in order to secure New York state funding grants that will offset the cost of installation. The estimated annual operational savings to the hospital of $1.5m secured the investment and facilitated the financing of the entire CCHP project.

Stewart & Stevenson Power Products LLC-Atlantic Division is the authorized distributor for MTU Onsite Energy, and a New York State Energy & Research Development (NYSERDA)-approved vendor of pre-engineered CHP systems.

Arthur LaBarbera is Director, Gas Power Systems Northeast at Stewart & Stevenson Power Products LLC