Mitsubishi powers sludge incinerator with waste heat

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Company (MHIEC) has developed a gas-fired on-site power generation system incorporated within a sludge incinerator.

The company said the technology enables the incineration equipment’s power needs to be met entirely by the use of waste heat.

This week MHIEC announced that it had received its first order for the technology from the Tokyo Bureau of Sewerage (pictured). The incinerator, which can process 250 tonnes of waste per day, is planned for completion in March 2020 at the Shingashi Water Reclamation Centre in Tokyo’s Itabashi-ku district.

The system integrates a fluidized bed type incinerator equipped with MHIEC’s proprietary fluidized combustion optimization system, and a high-efficiency binary power generation system.

Heat transfer oil is used as the waste heat recovery source that feeds the system. Compared to systems that generate power using boilers and steam turbines, the binary power generation system achieves a higher power generating efficiency, MHIEC said.

The company added that the new technologies will enable reclamation centres to reduce their power consumption as well as reducing emissions of nitrous oxide and CO2.à‚ 

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