MiracleGen, a registered trademark of Miracle Power Systems Inc. has announced that it is introducing its CHPs (Combined Heat & Power, or Cogeneration) to Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK.

Three years ago, MiracleGen got its first order of natural gas CHPs from the Czech Republic. Now, MiracleGen is exporting its CHPs to more than 30 countries including nine European countries.

These CHPs are fueled with biogas, wood gas, natural gas, LPG or diesel.

“There is a big market in Europe for our CHPs due to the strict environmental protection and renewable energy incentives. We are going to set up MiracleGen (Europe) Limited in Spain at the end of this year. Some venture capitalists are keeping in contact with us,” President of the company Mr. Allen Gu said, as reported on PR Newswire.

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