Minister says nuclear ‘best choice’ for UAE

Energy minister Suhail Al Mazrouei says nuclear power is the best choice for the Unite Arab Emirates.

The country is expected to commence is first nuclear power plant in 2018 and is the 2017 International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century at the end of this month.

The event is organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in cooperation with theà‚ OECDNuclear Energy Agency and hosted under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Energy in collaboration with the UAE’s Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

Al Mazrouei said Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the conference was a “recognition” of its “successful efforts” and “leading international position” in the development of its peaceful nuclear energy programme. The minister pointed out that the under the UAE’s Vision 21 – a national agenda set in 2010 – the country adopted a policy of diversification of energy sources in such a way as to reduce fuel and natural gas consumption.

Its National Energy Strategy 2050, published in January, gives priority to nuclear energy and
aims to promote the use of “environmentally friendly” energy over the next three decades.

The minister said nuclear energy is “the best choice to meet the growing demand for energy”, and said its nuclear energy plant would contribute to meeting the country’s electricity needs and support the goals of sustainable development.

Initial construction of the UAE’s first power reactor, Barakah 1, was completed in May and operating company Nawah Energy Company is now awaiting approval from national regulators before the final stage of loading fuel and bringing it into service.

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