An integrated energy system, based on 15 kWe mini-CHP unit, is providing heating and hot water for an award-winning social housing project in Scotland, UK.
The system, from SAV Systems, serves Link Group Housing Association’s West Bridge Mill facility – a former rope mill in Kirkcaldy, which has been converted in 16 flats housing vulnerable young people.
The mill features large windows, vaulted ceilings and solid walls.
On-site electricity, as well as hot water for domestic services and radiator central heating, is provided by an EC Power 15G mini-CHP machine, which is marketed in the UK by SAV Systems.
The machine, based on a gas-fired engine, can provide 6–15 kW electricity and 17–30 kW of heating energy.

With electricity needed for power and lighting, West Bridge Mill has a round-the-clock energy requirement, although demand reduces at night time. Electricity generation matches load over each 24-period, with the modulating system ensuring that the electricity generated never exceeds demand.

All the energy generated is used, so there is no need to export excess electricity to the grid

Heat generated by the unit is fed through a heat exchanger and used to heat water, which is stored in a thermal store at around 80°C. Water from the store can be drawn off to provide heating and domestic hot water services as required.
Data from the operation of the CHP system can be read on-site and is also transmitted to the monitoring station operated by SAV Systems for all EC Power CHP projects in the UK.
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