Electricity, space heating and hot water for domestic services at a retirement village in southern England are all generated by a new gas-fired mini-CHP system from EC Power, which are marketed in the UK by SAV Systems. The CHP system is linked with other SAV System products – including instantaneous hot water generation and underfloor heating manifolds.

Bramshott Place Village at Liphook in Hampshire was conceived by developers as a retirement village for active over-55s. Apartments and cottages will be combined in a total of 147 homes centred on an exclusive country club with a health centre and pool, a bar and restaurant and the spacious Atrium Winter Garden.

The rugged CHP machine, with its ultra-reliable Toyota gas-fired engine, can provide 6–15 kW of electricity and 17–30 kW of heat. And there’s no need to export spare electricity to the grid – there is no spare electricity, as the modulating system ensures that electricity generation matches load over each 24-hour period.

Waste heat generated by the mini-CHP unit is fed through a heat exchanger and used to heat water, which is stored in a thermal store at around 80°C. Water from the store can be drawn off to provide heating and domestic hot water services as required. The CHP plant also makes a contribution to heating the water in the clubhouse swimming pool.

SAV Systems has supplied Danfoss heating and hot water substations for the underfloor heating system and instantaneous hot water in three apartments within the main building. These units bring a dramatically improved level of energy saving heat transfer efficiency to domestic hot water supplies.