The Royal George Hotel in Perth on the banks of the River Tay in Scotland has installed a new gas-fired CHP plant and matching thermal store working in conjunction with new condensing boiler.

EC Power supplied the machine, based on a Toyota gas-fired engine, which can provide 4-13 kWe and 17-29 kWth.

The hotel has a round the clock energy requirement, with electricity needed for power and lighting, although demand reduces at night time. Electricity generation matches load over each 24-period with the unique modulating system ensuring that the electricity generated never exceeds demand. All the energy generated is used.

Waste heat generated by the micro-CHP unit is fed through a special heat exchanger and used to heat water, which is stored in a thermal store at around 80oC. Water from the store can be drawn off to provide heating and domestic hot water services as required.
Providing 60% of the Royal George’s electricity – plus some 20 MWh of heat each month, the gas-fired CHP unit has doubled the hotel’s energy efficiency to 96% and slashed electricity bills by a third – despite rising fuel prices, the company says.

The Royal George’s owner and manager Eddie Anderson said: ‘I’ve been really impressed with the savings delivered by the EC Power system. The flexibility of programming and the scope of the reporting is excellent. I even enjoy assessing performance over a whisky in the evening.’