Qatar, Saudi Arabia to see rental power growth

Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia are predicted to emerge as key growth markets for rental power in the Middle East by 2020, according to new findings.

Qatar’s rental power market is set to grow by over 23% per year to 2020, while the Saudi market will show just over 20% growth, say two country reports from analysis firm 6W Research. à‚ 

The Qatar Power Rental Market (2014-2020) report predicts an extra boost for the sector from infrastructure development in anticipation of 2022’s FIFA World Cup. Coupled with an expanding transportation network, a growing hospitality sector and economic reforms, Qatar is set to lead the Middle East in sector growth, especially for diesel gensets. à‚ 

The nation’s construction industry is expected to lead the way, with key developments including the building of nine new stadiums, renovation of three existing stadiums, and new metro rail systems, residential complexes, expressways and hotels.

In Saudi Arabia, policy initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions are expected to boost demand for gas-fired rental generators, although diesel gensets are predicted to maintain their current dominance.

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