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Microsoft to run data center off biogas

Microsoft is in the process of designing a data center in the US powered by biogas.

The company last week further detailed its Data Plant experiment, an idea to bring more reliability to its data centers and lower pollution from them, reports Green Tech.

Microsoft is now researching a small-scale experiment to measure the performance and benefits and is seeking a location to test a prototype, Belady said.

Rather than procure biogas from the gas grid, though, Microsoft’s Data Plant design would locate a data center directly at a source for biogas. That could be a landfill or wastewater treatment plant where the decay of organic material gives off methane, the main fuel component of biogas and natural gas.

This design addresses the limited availability of biogas in the grid at this point. Utilities can capture the methane emitted from landfills or produce gas in an anaerobic digester at wastewater plants or dairy and hog farms.

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