Michigan cogeneration plant to undergo $500m expansion

Midland Cogeneration Venture has announced plans for a more than $500 million expansion expected toà‚ increase the plant’s electrical capacity by between 600 and 700 MW.

The construction process will take about two and a half years and employ about 700 workers, according to Kelly Moldovan, director of human resources and corporate service for MCV.

Midland cogeneration
Located at Midland, Michigan, MCV is the largest natural gas fired combined electrical energy and steam energy generating plant in the country and is owned by affiliates of OMERS/Borealis and the Global Strategic Investment Alliance, according to the company’s website.à‚ 

The planned expansion would increase MCV’s electricity capacity from 1,633 MWà‚ to about 2,300 MW and increase itsà‚ steam production to approximately 2 million pounds per hour.

The steam and power provided is used for the operations of the Dow Chemical corporation.

In a statement, Rich Wells, vice president and site director of Dow’s Michigan Operations said, “MCV has been an excellent supplier to Dow, providing us steam and electricity to power our operations in Midland.

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