MHPS to test high-temp turbines at new CCGT plant at Takasago Works, Japan

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. is ready to commission its new demonstration plant to test high-temperature, next-generation natural gas turbine technology near its manufacturing hub of Takasago Works in Japan.

T-Point 2 is MHPS’ new combined-cycle power plant validation facility. It replaces the original T-Point and will be connected to the real-time grid supplying power for the industrial area.

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The demonstration plant is where the Japanese company will test its 1650* (Celsius) C-Classà‚ JAC model turbineà‚ as well as the 1700* C-class ultrahigh-temperature models.

T-Point 2 is located in Hyogo Prefecture, where the Takasago Works is also a center for research, development, design and manufacturing.

“Through the years, we have proven our ability to develop and manufacture the most cutting-edge solutions for the power generation industry,” Ken Kawai, president and CEO of MHPS, said in a statement. “Building on the legacy of the original T-Point, T-Point 2 will enable us to widen our footprint as the preferred solutions partner to meet ever-changing power generation requirements around the world.”

The company hopes to begin commercial operations at T-Point 2 by July. Once operational, it is expected to achieve power output of more than 566 MW, with nearly 64 per cent efficiency and what MHPS touted as a “world first” in a turbine inlet temperature of 1650*C.

The J-Series is an air-cooled turbine and will be the first MHPS gas turbine validated at T-Point 2.

The new demonstration facility also features a triple-casing steam turbine. MHPS says the efficiency will help reduce both carbon emissions and heat loss.

MHPSà‚ will use the facility to conduct validation of steam turbine upgrades, air-cooled condenser technology, generators and static frequency converters.

Work is underway to install advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology at T-Point 2, featuring the MHPS-TOMONI suite of digital solutions. MHPS plans to use its AI applications to eventually “train” T-Point 2 to become an autonomous combined cycle power plant, which the company says will be the first such facility in the world.

The technologies will be subjected to an 8,000-hour durability demonstration period.

MHPS is one of the world’s major gas turbine and power plant technology makers, along with Siemens and GE. It has 20,000 employees globally and is a joint venture created by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi in 2014.

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