Japan‘s Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has begun demonstration testing of a hybrid on-site power system featuring a fuel cell and a gas-fired microturbine.

The system (pictured), which is aimed at commercial and industrial on-site power users, is planned for market launch during the 2017 fiscal year, MHPS said.

In the 250 kW pressurized hybrid system, a ceramic solid oxide fuel cell is combined with a gas-fired microturbine. MHPS said the two-stage system delivers a generation efficiency of 55%.

During the demonstration testing, the hybrid system will be technically evaluated as a cogeneration system, as it generates both power and heat.  

Three more demonstration sites are planned to be added at Japanese manufacturing facilities owned by Toyota, NGK Spark Plug Co, and Taisei Corporation.

MHPS said that Toyota is jointly developing the hybrid system and that it will work with NGK to mass-produce the fuel cell stacks.