Global EPC firm Metka, best-known for building gas-fired power plants, is increasingly focusing on energy storage according to business development and new markets director Paul Smith.

Metka EGN, the company’s joint venture with Greek technical services company Egnatia Group, focused initially on realizing solar PV projects. Lately though, Smith told PEi, “the energy storage aspect is becoming much stronger”.

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Metka EGN has now built a number of storage projects worldwide, including off-grid power with battery storage, grid-connected storage for frequency control applications and utility-scale solar plants with integrated battery storage systems. 

Its latest announced project involves installing off-grid hybrid power systems at four Nigerian universities. The project will include a total of 9.3 MWp of solar PV capacity, 5760 battery cells and 7.5 MW of diesel generators for backup power.

The project is part of Nigeria’s government-sponsored Energizing Education programme, which ultimately aims to take the country’s 37 universities off-grid in order to ensure that they have reliable power.

Metka EGN has also been building more hybrid power projects in the UK. It has recently signed an agreement to build a 20 MW energy storage system to provide fast frequency response and ancillary services to National Grid.  The project follows completion and commissioning of a 30 MW storage project designed as three hybrid sites in different locations.

The company mainly uses lithium-ion batteries, and Smith notes that “their price per kWh or MWh is coming down quite substantially, almost following the kind of curve we saw, or continue to see, for solar panels.

“There’s still a ways to go for energy storage to become a game-changer, but it’s not that far away.”

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