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Leipziger Messe hopes to recoup €1m investment

The Leipziger Messe Group, who manage the exhibition conference centre of the same name in Leipzig, Germany believe they can recoup their investment within the three years.

Steffen Jantz, Executive Director, Communications for the Group told COSPP that “the Leipziger Messe invested around €1m in the CHP plant and calculates it will recoup this sum in about two to three years depending on the weather.”

The combined heat and power plant in the exhibition grounds of the Leipziger Messe was brought on stream in 2014. It was manufactured by SES Energiesysteme GmbH, a specialist manufacturer of CHP plants, in its factory located in the German state of Saxony.
Leipziger Messe
Installation took place from September 2013 to February 2014 in conjunction with Stadtwerke Leipzig. With its total output of about 800 kilowatts of electricity and a megawatt of thermal energy, it almost completely covers the basic heat and power requirements of the Leipziger Messe Group.

The Leipziger Messe CHP plant consists of two separate modules which are powered by natural gas and installed in an existing underground plant room ” It all adds up to optimised energy consumption at a reduced cost.

“As a result of the two modules, meeting the demand for power and heat is more easily managed and greater flexibility is achieved in maintenance interval planning,”Jantz told COSPP. “By combining the generation of heat and power, the CHP plant supplies these requirements at a local level. Thus the use of gas, a fossil fuel, is considerably more efficient than is the case with conventional energy generation in large power stations producing power and heat in boilers for consumers close to the plant.”

The company’s strategy in line with the spirit of the German Combined Heat and Power Generation Act which requires power generation from combined heat and power generation sources to reach 25% of demand by 2020.