Latest UK statistics show rise in renewables

Department of Energy and Climate Change

The UK’s department of energy and climate change (DECC) has published its quarterly results — and they represent good news for the renewable energy sector.

Renewable power’s share of the overall British energy mix rose to 19.4 per cent in Q1, from 12.4 per cent in Q1 of last year.

Gas-fired power fared less well, taking its lowest share of power generation in the UK for 16 years.
Department of Energy and Climate Change
DECC’s Energy Trends and Quarterly Energy Prices publication highlights the progress made against the UK’s 15 per cent target under the 2009 EU Renewable Energy Directive.

Provisional calculations show that 5.2 per cent of the UK’s final energy consumption came from renewable sources in 2013, up from 4.2 per cent in 2012. There was significant growth in the contribution of renewable electricity, which was up 30 per cent, whilst contributions from renewable heating and renewable transport also rose.

The full report may be accessed here

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