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Kazakhstan: Siemens to service Kalamkas gas turbine equipment

Siemens Gas and Power LLP Kazakhstan and JSC Mangistaumunaigaz have signed a nine-year service contract for two STG-800 gas turbine units (GTU) at the Kalamkas oil and gas field.

The parties agreed on servicing, upgrading power equipment, remote monitoring and technical support within GTU operation. The signed contract provides for linking gas turbine units to Siemens remote monitoring centre. Equipment servicing by its original manufacturer will guarantee uninterrupted and flawless operation of the power plant.

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GTPP located on Buzachi Peninsula, Kazakhstan’s Mangystau Province, is designed to cover own infrastructure needs, as well as technological needs of Kalamas oil and gas field.

Maxim Zubov, CEO Siemens Gas and Power LLP Kazakhstan, says: “Maintenance of power equipment delivered worldwide is of utmost importance for our company. We have innovative solutions and qualified specialists to provide reliable and efficient service.

“The nine-year contract that we have signed today with JSC Mangistaumunaigaz is a new stage of cooperation between our companies that marks increased confidence and mutual understanding between the partners.”

Pamela Largue
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