Jordan announces deal to build 480 MW gas power plant

ACWA Power is to construct a 480 MW power plant at Aqaba in Jordan with a $400m contract to be signed next week.

Jordan‘s state-owned National Electric Power Co will sign the contract with the Saudi Arabia-based firm for construction of the gas-fired power plant.
Flag of Jordan
The secretary general of Jordan’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ghleb Maabreh said in an interview in Amman that the new facility willà‚ replaceà‚ Jordan’s oldest plant, the Hussein Thermal Power.

It willà‚ be completed by the end of 2019 and run primarily on natural gas as well as gasoline, he said.

“Running the plant mostly on gas is a very cost-effective solution,” Maabreh said.

The Hussein thermal station uses heavy fuel and gasoline and has a generating capacity of 198 MW, according to the plant’s website.

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