Islamic State kills 11 people at Iraqi gas plant

A terrorist attack at the Taji gas plant, north of Baghdad, Iraq has left 11 people dead.
Smoke rises from Taji gas-fired power plant
The Islamic State attack on the state-run gas plant forced two gas-fired power stations it supplied to suspend electricity production.

A suicide car bomb went off at the entrance of the facility in Taji at around 0600 local time allowing another vehicle carrying at least six attackers with explosive vests to enter and clash with security forces, police sources said. Twenty-one people were also wounded.

A spokesman for Baghdad Operations Command said three of the facility’s gas storages were set alight before security forces were able to bring the situation under control.

Iraq’s Oil Ministry said the attack had not disrupted the plant’s production of gas for cooking and electricity production. It was not clear how long it would take to restore flow to the two power stations affected, which provide 153 MW to the National Grid.

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