Irsching high efficiency gas fired plant inaugurated

Irsching Ulrich Hartmann 561 MW combined cycle power plant ” the renamed Irsching 4 plant ” has been officially inaugurated by E.ON and Siemens.

A world-record efficiency of 60.4 per cent and low nitrogen oxide emissions make the plant the world’s most ecofriendly fossil fuelled power plant, according to Siemens. The manufacturer describes the plant as characterized by high operating flexibility, and short startup and fast load-cycling capability ” features increasingly important with the rise in wind-based generation.

Since starting commercial operation on 22 July the plant has clocked up about 9000 operating hours, a figure which includes the preceding period of trial operation.

“With this power plant we’re writing engineering history. Currently, there’s no other power plant in operation around the globe that is as efficient as this one,” said Michael Suess, CEO of Siemens Energy.

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