Hydrogen and balancing among hot topics of first ever UK gas market plan

For the first time, National Grid Gas Transmission in the UK has set out how it will work with industry to progress market development in the sustainable energy transition.

‘Enabling the Gas Market Plan’ (GMaP) has been produced with the engagement and direction from a range of stakeholders, including regulator Ofgem and the government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The plan is intended to highlight how the British gas market could develop in a proactive and coordinated way over the next decade, with the key areas of market change to be explored over the coming year being gas quality, hydrogen and balancing.

National Grid Gas Transmission said that the GMaP will be an annual publication “which will reflect the changing gas industry landscape giving it the flexibility to consider the evolution of new technologies or policy drivers”.

National Grid’s Chris Logue, who is Chair of the Future of Gas Steering Group, explained:The Enabling the Gas Market Plan document sets outs three important focus areas for the industry to work on during the 2020.  By working collaboratively on these areas with the industry there is a real opportunity to proactively enable markets to meet the challenges of the energy transition, whilst still maximising consumer value.

National Grid Gas Transmission will host an open industry event, the second Future of Gas Forum in February, where the outputs of the first GMaP will be discussed, providing an avenue for further stakeholder engagement.

The ‘Enabling the Gas Market Plan’ (GMaP) document can be found here

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