Engine developer Guascor has unveiled a new, high performance gas-fuelled engine suitable for on-site power applications involving electrical generation, cogeneration or trigeneration.

With its 56-l V-16 cylinder configuration and an electrical power output of 1.2 MWe, it is the brand’s most advanced gas-fuelled engine.

The model in question is the HGM 560, a new design of gas-fuelled engine that has increased power by 25% compared to previous models and is the most powerful and highest-performing gas-fuelled engine in its range, the company says.

This new design allows the engine to achieve an electrical efficiency of 41.5%, and it can run on natural gas up to NM 70 with a coolant inlet temperature in the secondary circuit of 55 ºC, compared to the 40ºC temperature required by many engines of this class. In addition, it is equipped with a two-stage intercooler, which provides significant savings in the cooling installation.

Although initially the engine will only be offered operating with natural gas in applications for the 50 Hz market, models will soon be added that can run on biogas (landfill gases, sewage gases and biomethanization gases), including engines for markets with 60 Hz networks.