CHP upgrade opted for St Petersburg plant

Russian heat and power supplier GSR Energo is building a new combined-cycle power plant in two phases, with each phase adding 110 MW of power and 89 MW of heating capacity, that will help meet the energy needs of a rapidly growing industrial district in St. Petersburg.

The aging power plant in St. Petersburg’s Kolpino district, which encompasses more than 30 large industrial and manufacturing companies, has been unable to meet the area’s constantly growing demand for power.

The project is part of the Russian government’s development plan for St. Petersburg and also supports the country’s overall strategy to expand and continue to modernize its energy infrastructure.

GE Energy will supply a Frame 6FA gas turbine and associated generator for the Kolpino project. The unit is expected to be shipped by the end of 2011, with commercial operation scheduled to start during 2013.

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