Construction has begun at Lansing Board of Water and Light’s (BWL) US$182 million cogeneration plant in Lansing, Michigan, US.

The project allows for the decommissioning of the aging Moores Park steam plant, while providing new steam services for 225 Lansing customers and 110 MW of new electric power generation capabilities.

This project is also recognized for providing new energy for the redevelopment efforts in Lansing’s REO town.

The project is BWL’s first foray into cogeneration.

The new power plant will burn natural gas instead of coal so is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, compared to the coal fired plant it replaces.

By switching to natural gas, the BWL will also avoid burning 126,000 metric tonnes of coal each year.

The BWL intends to make the facility LEED-certified through environment-friendly design operation.

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